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Access control

Access Control System

Access control is the primary element in any security concept. Security management systems protect employees, buildings, office equipment, stock and intellectual property. ISGUS hardware and software applications are an effective solution to diverse security requirements at all times. Organisational structures and employee tasks change over time and therefore security areas, room zones and authorisations for staff and visitors must be flexible and facilitate fast and efficient administration Access Control System from Isgus. From one door stand alone to multi-site multi-door systems as part of an overall Time & Attendance package.

Access Control System features include:

  • Terminals can cater for low, medium and high security installations
  • Proximity badge, badge and pin and biometric terminals available
  • Access granted based on work schedules, staff numbers, etc
  • Badge personalisation and printing
  • Digital Locking Systems view digital lock on You Tube
  • Visitor Management
  • Intuitive Security Lock Plan
  • Secure access to the system through degrees of control
  • Integrates into the Time & Attendance package
  • Audit Trail
  • Security Groups
  • Automatic alerts via SMS for Panic pin entry, forced openings, etc
  • Settings stored both locally and centrally

ISGUS hardware from Access & Time Control Ltd brings reliability, scaleability and flexibility. All our ISGUS terminals come with 24 month warranty, twice the industry standard. The new access terminals utilise the latest technology in a smart phone design format.

IT4100/4110 Proximity

Isgus proximity terminalThe IT4100 series are suitable for the outdoor enviornment and are available in both pin and proximity

IT4210 Fingerprint

Isgus fingerprint access terminalThe IT4200 series are available with a biometric sensor and can communicate over the network.

IT402 Proximity (Outdoor)

Isgus outdoor access terminal The IT402 is a robust proximity terminal which is also suited to the outdoor enviornment.

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