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Flexitime terminal

Flexitime System / Flexible Working System

Whether you are looking for a Flexitime System, a Time and Attendance System, or a Flexible Working System, ZEUS® Flexitime Management is a comprehensive solution delivered using state-of-the-art technologies. ZEUS®, which was originally designed for flexitime is completely customisable. Absence codes, reports, departments and work patterns are all configured to the customers requirements. ISGUS develops both the Software and Hardware for full compatibility and is the only system that displays the status and balance automatically upon clocking, as highlighted on the image across. This eliminates the need for staff to make time consuming balance inquiries.

Why Zeus Flexitime System?

  • Hardware and software are developed in the one company and on the one site for full compatibility
  • Terminal options include Proximity(various card types), Fingerprint, Mobile and PC / Web.
  • Multi-user system
  • Presence indication panel
  • A customisable range of flexible reports.
  • Calculations for Standby, On-call and Guaranteed hours
  • Calculations for Working Time Directive and Annualised hours
  • Absence management, both global and individual
  • Real-time updates to the terminal
  • Personal groups allow you to manage staff with special skills, etc. For example First Aid trained persons
  • Advanced pattern creation for shifts and variable rotations
  • Enquiries for Holidays etc at terminal
  • Modular format allows later addition of Access Control
  • HR Interface
  • All terminals come with 24 month warranty and SAP certification
  • Multiple security settings allow different degrees of access to the SQL database

ISGUS hardware from Access & Time Control Ltd brings reliability, scaleability and flexibility. All our ISGUS terminals come with 24 month warranty – twice the industry standard – operational battery back-up so your staff can still clock during power outages, storage for up to 10,000 transactions. Connections over Ethernet allow access to data via LAN, WAN, and VPN. New technologies allow for POE (Power Over Ethernet) where this is supported.


Isgus IT7001The IT7001 is available as a proximity terminal with a two line display and battery back-up.


Isgus IT8200The IT8200 web terminal options include both proximity and fingerprint.

PC / Web clocking

PC clocking ISGUS also offer the option of clocking in from your PC

Budget Clock Systems

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Master Clock Systems

 wall clock
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Contact Information

Access and Time Control Ltd
Unit 10 Bolbrook Enterprise Ctr,
Avonbeg Rd,
Dublin 24
Phone: 01 4629840
Fax: 01 4629841
E-mail: info@accessandtime.com
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