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Zeus SaaS - Software as a Service

More and more users choose not to host their software solutions within their own IT environment any more, but prefer to use an external data centre for this purpose, managed by specialist service providers who offer the optimum computing environment, operating systems and administration. Outsourced payroll and accounting is common practice and has been for a very long time, it is a service that ISGUS also offers for their Time & Attendance solutions, managed from within their own secure data centre.


ZEUS SaaS helps to improve your cost structure and enables you to forecast and implement your IT budget. The benefits of using the ISGUS solution ZEUS SaaS are: on one hand Time & Attendance, Staff Scheduling and Access Control modules and on the other hand the advantage of hosting in the ISGUS data centre, providing further additional value, which is decisive in a competitive environment.

How do you work with ZEUS as a SaaS user?

With SaaS you work just as independently and individually as with an in-house solution. You are not just an anonymous customer in a data centre, because Access & Time Control Ltd is your pro-active partner from the very first consultation. Access & Time Control Ltd will be with you as a skilled and experienced business partner to manage customisation of your system and support you with software support hotline. With our SaaS Time & Attendance solution the following operating in-house resources become obsolete: IT infrastructure i.e. technical support, system administration, financial and personnel resources, equipment, maintenance.

Availability of the ISGUS data centre

Your ZEUS solution (application and database) is available 24/7 without limitations. The ISGUS data centre ensures high percentage accessibility and is in the majority of cases on a higher level of availability than that of an "in-house" IT Department.

Safety and data protection

The ISGUS data centre is located within the ISGUS company premises and is secured by fences, gates and shutters. That's why German law applies, with an extreme high security level as to IT standards. Legal security surrounding data protection and data security is mandatory and must be adhered to, as time recording is subject to high sensitivity e.g. data containing time accounts, diary, absences and personal holiday planning.

SaaS Terminal Options

ISGUS hardware from Access & Time Control Ltd brings reliability, scaleability and flexibility. All our ISGUS terminals come with 24 month warranty, twice the industry standard, operational battery back-up so your staff can still clock during power outages and storage for up to 10,000 transactions. Connections over Ethernet allow access to data via LAN, WAN, and VPN. New technologies allow for POE (Power Over Ethernet) where this is supported.


Isgus IT8001 The IT8200 is available with proximity or fingerprint technology...

IT8250 Touchscreen Terminal

Isgus IT900ISGUS also have a touchscreen option....

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Master Clock Systems

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Contact Information

Access and Time Control Ltd
Unit 10 Bolbrook Enterprise Ctr,
Avonbeg Rd,
Dublin 24
Phone: 01 4629840
Fax: 01 4629841
E-mail: info@accessandtime.com
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