Access and Time Control Ltd prides itself on the ability to offer a comprehensive consultancy service which ensures the system matches the customer's needs. The service involves meeting with stakeholders, assessing the site suitability and determining the deliverables.

The main goal in this phase will be to gather all of your shift and absence rules as it relates to tracking hours worked and absences, and any additional rule sets that relate to accurate calculations.


Access and Time Control provide complete training in the technology, software application and the use of all hardware. All training sessions are tailored to the needs of the customer and scheduled at a convenient time to take place in their own premises. The training courses are aimed at teaching the administrators how to navigate all areas of the application and how to ensure they are maximising value from the application.


Access and Time Control's support team provide a comprehensive support service to our clients, which includes Telephone support, Remote login and on-site repairs. We have a full-time, office based support team that are available to answer your questions between 9.00am and 5.00pm, each weekday, excluding Bank Holidays. Incidents can also be reported out of office hours by email, to This account will be monitored until 8.00pm each weekday to ensure an early next day response.


Access and Time Control's installation division endeavour to efficiently install all systems with minimal disruption. Carried out by highly trained engineers and adhering to agreed schedules and targets.