How safe is employee data and where is it stored?

Who has access to the data and for what purpose? Who is liable and who are they accountable to? With our detailed role concept, we answer all these questions. The ISGUS data center provides the highest level of security for our SaaS customers.

Data Protection

Peace of mind

The ISGUS data centre is located within the ISGUS company premises and is secured by fences, gates and shutters. Stringent German law is applied, with an extremely high level of security as a compulsory requirement necessary to fulfil IT standards. Legal security in accordance with GDPR regulations surrounding data protection and data security is mandatory and must be adhered to, as time recording is subject to high levels of sensitivity - e.g. data containing time accounts, diary, absences and personal holiday planning.

ISGUS Cloud - Software Hosting Services

Saving you time and money

More and more users choose not to host their software solutions within their own IT environment, preferring to use an external data center for this purpose, managed by specialist service providers who offer the optimum computing environment, operating systems and administration. ISGUS offers this service within their solutions, managed from their own secure data center - Software as a Service.

The ISGUS Cloud eliminates all the infrastructure costs related to purchasing, maintaining and updating your own servers. With stable and predictable monthly costs instead of one time large purchase and upgrade requirements, you can focus on what is most important to you growing and managing your businesses.


The ISGUS SaaS solution is available 24/7, without limitations. The ISGUS data center ensures high percentage accessibility and in the majority of cases, is more readily available than an “in-house” IT Department.

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